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Why Sending in Your Resume Doesn’t Get You Your Dream Job

What happens when sending in a resume in response to a posted job opening is your only strategy for finding a new or better job? Most times, nothing at all. The rush of resumes simply overwhelms the decision-maker, and no one stands out. What’s worse, 80% of available jobs don’t get posted. Resumes won’t work,…

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Is Your Job Making You Sick?

Research shows that employees in a poor job fit can experience physical health problems, stress and burnout. If you’re ready for a healthier career, begin your search here: Know What You Don’t Want What kinds of tasks and what types of environments drain your energy? Take a Bold Step Have you ever had a strong…

Working Has Health Benefits

Huffington Post Working has its health benefits – Another benefit of working into your golden years is that it may have added health benefits. Many recent studies are showing that those who work longer live longer. A 2016 study from the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found healthy adults who delayed their retirement for…

Physical Benefits of Working After Retirement Working Helps You Stay Physically and Mentally Healthy – Not only can working delay the onset of age-related diseases like dementia, but keeping mentally and physically active helps you feel younger longer. Working also keep you socially active and prevents isolation, and can provide a sense of purpose. Read more >

Impact of a Bad Job Fit on Health & Happiness

Business News Daily That job you hate might be driving you crazy, but the side effects can extend far beyond your mental and emotional well-being. Research published in the journal Human Relations found that employees who stayed at organizations either out of obligation or perceived lack of other job options were more likely than other…

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Podcast: Mike Visits With TAB News

Author Michael Alan Tate talks about job searches in today’s world and his new book The White Shirt: a practical guide to finding your life-giving career at any stage in life on TAB News. Listen or download the episode.

Need help finding a career that fits you? The White Shirt book is a must-read

Morgan James’ new self-help book release, The White Shirt: Find Your Peaceful & Life-Giving Career at Any Stage of Life by Michael Alan Tate, guides readers in finding their best career path through an inspiring story. It is written for anyone looking for a new career, no matter their stage in life, and includes a…