Encouragement Engineering Podcast with Bob Brum | Sep. 30, 2020

The Encouragement Engineering podcast offers listeners the ability to combat the negativity that inundates our daily lives with a positive perspective and positive actions. Our guest today is Michael Alan Tate, President of “On The Same Page Consulting“. 

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Career by Jenn | April 9, 2020

A career move is a tough thing to contemplate at any time, but how is it even more so now during this global Covid-19 pandemic? Join executive consultant and career coach Michael Alan Tate as he shares his strategy for making your career move plan successful at any time.

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Power to Live More | March 27, 2020

Michael joins me today to share how an accident, then a chance conversation on an airplane, led him to become a career coach and strategist and how his methods of coaching have evolved over time.

He dives into the details of what he means by a ‘career plan’ and why he advocates that his clients not only create one but also ask for advice and information from peers about their planned career trajectory.

Michael also shares how he organises his time, what his workday looks like and what resources he uses to stay on top of his tasks and long-term plans.

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Best Ever Show | March 7, 2020

Michael has been in career advising and business consulting for about 25 years now. Before he found his calling he was at a job he was good at but no longer had any passion for and in fact, was making him depressed. Michael went to a career counselor in search of some help because he wanted to find something different and all that did was make him more depressed because they had him apply to 150 jobs and he only had one response. He later realized it wasn’t him or his resume per se but his strategy on how to find work. He shares five solutions he uses to help many of his clients during transitions to find careers that bring them fulfillment. He also shares an amazing tip on how to network instead of the old-fashioned way.

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Love Your 9 to 5 | January 12, 2020

Love Your 9 to 5Find Your Professional Path, Ep. 50

Do you wonder if you are in the right career for yourself? Ever wonder if you could do better elsewhere? Maybe even go out on your own? Here are some points to consider when experiencing a career change:

  • How do you know this is the final stop for you or if you’re on the road to somewhere else?
  • What would you do even for free?
  • Find the right fit inside of organizations or leave on good terms.
  • Take the time to introspect and look back at your career legacy, there’s a list of what your family has done for you.
  • Research what makes you feel alive and what drains your energy?
  • There is no real job system that’s filled by resumes, most jobs are filled by word of mouth and referrals.
  • Don’t go it alone! Two is better that one.
  • Follow your ears not your heart. What language to you like to be around, what do you like to hear?
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The Aerospace Executive | January 12, 2020

Many find themselves unhappy in their career paths and get lost when switching directions. Accomplished author and career coach, Michael Alan Tate, discusses how to be more intentional in career planning and how to effectively change career paths.

  • Family history is a great guide
  • Putting personal skills and values in writing helps to identify individual strengths and weaknesses.  Writing is a strong tool in intentional career planning 
  • Gravitate to the language you love being around and follow its direction to the most suitable industry
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RM Podcast FL| November 19, 2019 

Michael Alan Tate has been an executive consultant and career coach for more  than 20 years. He is the founder and president of On the Same Page Consulting, as well as an inspiring speaker and author. His first book, Design a Life that  Works, teaches how to balance business, career, family and personal values in an individual strategic life plan. Mike’s latest book, The White Shirt, is a career parable with tools to create successful career move strategies.

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10 Minute Mindset  | November 1, 2019 

Michael Alan Tate joined Mario on 10 Minute Mindset to talk about his book and the message behind his book The White Shirt, his personal story as he discovered the method he teaches his clients as they take up a search for a fulfilling career, and how it’s all based on asking for advice and listening.

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TheStartUpLife.com | September 2, 2019

What are the right color buttons for your white shirt? We sit down Michael Alan Tate (Founder of Same Page Consulting) to answer that question and more. We start off with Micheal’s story as he talks about his days at a talent management company and how asking a question lead to an organization creating a new role for him. He also talks about his time there at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. Next, we talk about the book the “The White Shirt” and a mentor that lead him on the direction he is on. He also talks about how much his faith has guided his business ventures. Lastly, he talks about the family career tree that he conducts with his clients.

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TheStartUpLife.com | July 24, 2019

Michael’s new book, The White Shirt, is available online at www.whiteshirtbook.com, where he also offers you a free workbook. If you want to learn more about Michael’s work, go to www.michaelalantate.com

During the show, Michael shares the importance of having clarity in all areas of our life. With that, we want to suggest that you complete CRG’s top-rated assessment by participants, the Personal Style Indicator. Once you know your preference, you can make intentional decisions.

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Play Your Position | May 9, 2019

In this episode, Michael talks about what a life-giving career is. He talks about some key points from his book, The White Shark, about knowing who you are, what your skills, interests, and values are, as well as finding the key interest in your career and how to find a job before looking back to ask, “who am I and where do I fit?” Michael’s plan is to help and coach people who feel discouraged by finding “their way” and into their career. As a mentor himself, Michael talks about some of the influential people in his life who have contributed to his life-giving ways.

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ExitCoachRadio.com | May 2, 2019

Navigating the Top 5 Challenges When Changing Careers. Michael Alan Tate, author of The White Shirt – Find Your Peaceful and Life-giving Career at Any Stage of Life, discusses how people of all ages can prepare successfully for a career move.

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James Miller -Lifeology | April 22, 2019

Author and career consultant, Michael Alan Tate believes that your career purpose is interwoven in you and that there is a better approach to find the career that fits you. Michael has been advising successful executives who want to make a smart career move for over 20 years. In this interview, Michael reviews his book, The white shirt: Find your peaceful and life-giving career at any stage of life. This book teaches you a whole new way to find your fulfilled career.

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VroomVroomVeer Podcast | March 18, 2019

VroomVroomVeer PodcastEpisode 202: How to find a Life-Giving Career

In his latest book, The White Shirt, Mike speaks not only to those facing career transitions, but also to their loved ones (spouses, partners, parents, children, siblings, friends), who can and should be involved in the process of designing a career plan.

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Andrea Simon | On The Brink Podcast | March 18, 2019

On The Brink PodcastEpisode 124: How A Strategic Plan Can Get You Where You Want To Go
“The White Shirt,” gives you the tools to create successful career move strategies. This is one podcast you shouldn’t miss—we can all learn so much from Michael!

The Alabama Baptist, Review of The White Shirt | February 14, 2019 (pdf)

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Faith Positive Radio | February 7, 2019

Faith Positive RadioAre you graduating college? Changing careers? Returning to work? Or considering retirement? Michael Alan Tate has written an inspiring parable with simple strategies designed to help you find your place in the world of work today.

Jeff Altman | NoBSJobSearchAdvice.com | February 4, 2019
Finding Meaningful Work, BlogTalkRadio Podcast

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Jeff Altman | JobSearchTV.com | January 29, 2019

The Alabama Baptist | October 11, 2018

TAB News podcastThe Alabama Baptist | October 11, 2018
Author Michael Alan Tate talks about job searches in today’s world and his new book The White Shirt: a practical guide to finding your life-giving career at any stage in life on TAB News. 

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WBRC FOX6 Good Day Alabama – Birmingham, AL | December 29, 2016

 Talk of Alabama with Mike Tate

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