What happens when sending in a resume in response to a posted job opening is your only strategy for finding a new or better job? Most times, nothing at all. The rush of resumes simply overwhelms the decision-maker, and no one stands out. What’s worse, 80% of available jobs don’t get posted. Resumes won’t work, but these principles will:

Create a One-Page Plan
Have you ever worked for days to get your resume perfect and even customized it to make it fit that perfect job you saw posted — then wondered why you never got a call?

Don’t Ask for a Job, Ask for Advice
Has anyone ever asked if you could do something for them that you couldn’t do? Has anyone ever asked you if you could give them something you had to offer? Which request led you to look forward to talking with them again?

Dive into the one week process to learn how to create a plan and avoid the harmful affects of the resume.

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