| September 2, 2019
What are the right color buttons for your white shirt? We sit down Michael Alan Tate (Founder of Same Page Consulting) to answer that question and more. We start off with Micheal’s story as he talks about his days at a talent management company and how asking a question lead to an organization creating a new role for him. He also talks about his time there at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. Next, we talk about the book the “The White Shirt” and a mentor that lead him on the direction he is on. He also talks about how much his faith has guided his business ventures. Lastly, he talks about the family career tree that he conducts with his clients. | May 2, 2019
ExitCoachRadio.comNavigating the Top 5 Challenges When Changing Careers. Michael Alan Tate, author of The White Shirt – Find Your Peaceful and Life-giving Career at Any Stage of Life, discusses how people of all ages can prepare successfully for a career move.

VroomVroomVeer Podcast | March 18, 2019
VroomVroomVeer PodcastEpisode 202: How to find a Life-Giving Career

In his latest book, The White Shirt, Mike speaks not only to those facing career transitions, but also to their loved ones (spouses, partners, parents, children, siblings, friends), who can and should be involved in the process of designing a career plan.


Andrea Simon | On The Brink Podcast | March 18, 2019
On The Brink PodcastEpisode 124: How A Strategic Plan Can Get You Where You Want To Go
“The White Shirt,” gives you the tools to create successful career move strategies. This is one podcast you shouldn’t miss—we can all learn so much from Michael!

The Alabama Baptist, Review of The White Shirt | February 14, 2019 (pdf)

Faith Positive Radio | February 7, 2019
Faith Positive RadioAre you graduating college? Changing careers? Returning to work? Or considering retirement? Michael Alan Tate has written an inspiring parable with simple strategies designed to help you find your place in the world of work today.



Jeff Altman | | February 4, 2019
Finding Meaningful Work, BlogTalkRadio Podcast


Jeff Altman | | January 29, 2019

TAB News podcastThe Alabama Baptist | October 11, 2018
Author Michael Alan Tate talks about job searches in today’s world and his new book The White Shirt: a practical guide to finding your life-giving career at any stage in life on TAB News. Listen or download the episode.


WBRC FOX6 Good Day Alabama – Birmingham, AL | January 27, 2017
Talk of Alabama 12/29/16 Mike Tate



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